by black melanite

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Recorded in 2015, Indica is something between an EP and a Full-Length album. The album was done completely by us from the performance to the engineering... and the result is a very pure piece of humanity with all of it's flaws on display. This album is just a glimpse of what's to come...


released November 18, 2015

Timothy Haw
Lizi Colliflower



all rights reserved


black melanite Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

indie slowcore that will invoke imagery and awaken deep seated emotions

immerse yourself in our emotional soundscape full of intimacy and wonder

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Track Name: Unknown Horizon
I'll be the only one outside
and you'll be the only one that's right
and you'll be the only one
the only one
that's right
can you feel that breeze
let's keep it moving
I see your eyes are fixed, just let it flow
under the rough outside glows blue
Starting to breath
your method of seeing
I feel the ice outside
just let it move
we are the only ones outside
you and the moon

the unknown horizon
the first to step outside
we are the only ones that's right
although I am right behind you
as we roam these fields
we are the only ones outside
we the only ones
though our waves march on
we are the only ones outside
our waves march on
we are the only ones
that's right
Track Name: Dancing
Her eyes show
green and blue
colors of the sea
whisper window
morning awakes
who is that dancing

stroll down and park
need some lovin
these walls all dark
and i'll be running to you
who is that dance
who is that? who?
Track Name: Feelings Collide
I close my eyes
your pressured words
I close my eyes
in dreams we fight
I close my eyes
feelings collide

Space disappear
storm cold
and words
warming our dreams

Alone in the dark
'til we find that
flowering fire
Track Name: Underwater
deepest sea
we were drowning
oh so beautifully
I dreamed we were drinking in the ocean blue
we were dying there
no coming up for air
we will sleep eternally
no coming up for air
sleep eternally

I was lost on my way down to you
you were lost on your way
I was drifting away off to you
you were drifting away
I was drifting away
We're drifting away oh baby
years lost on the way
we're running away oh baby
we're running
Track Name: Long Way
By the water-flow
move until the moon glows blue
high until the fire is on you
it's on you
it's on

On my toes
I can feel the fire, it's in you
look into my eyes and say it's true
say it's true
Track Name: Into the Stars
I'll find you
where ever you roam
where ever you go
bring me along
I'll reach out
into the stars
to see where you are
to see where you've gone

I'm losing you
though it's not far away
we've fallen
into the stars

I'm at a loss at who we are
memories fall
off the darkest path we've walked
you built a world with no one else
I need you here but I love you so much
I'm losing
I'm losing you
though it's not far away
you've fallen
into the star

I'm rolling away
drifting out of mind
and i'm sure I feel an energy
we're frozen in time
hours in
I am yours to know
Track Name: Waving into Space
Pack our bags
move along
say goodbye
we were meant to fly
I was walking in my sleep
I was talking in my sleep

I was walking on my way
I was waving into space

when I was a young boy
they said
follow your dreams
and don't look back
and I was walking in my sleep
and I was talking in my sleep
Track Name: Timeless
Velvet boy
walked and talked and told a story about her
he knew the deal
and he wanted to share his view

timeless timeless
feel the waves
drifting out to sea

I know your voice
from in my dream
is that your call to me?
velvet call to me
is that your call to me
velvet voice
is that your voice for me?